Intro to Fashion Design Classes



Private Intro to Fashion Design Classes:

Recommended Ages 7 and up

Private one-on-one instruction and lessons available.

One month package: 4 classes (1 hour each) in Bell Works $100

Single classes (1 hour each) $30/hr/class

Email to register or inquire. 

Class Structure

1) Intro: What does a fashion designer do?
2) The Design Process: Research, Inspiration, Mood Boards, Trends, Forecasting, initial ideas through collection
3) Each week students will be presented with a new prompt that gets their creative minds and inner fashion designers going! 

About Lauren Farrell:

Designer & Creative Director of Lauren Farrell NY

Lauren is a graduate of Lehigh University where she studied design and entrepreneurship. It was during her "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" course that she fell in love with the subject as it perfectly blended her passions for both business and creativity.
After graduating in 2013, Lauren worked for Gucci where she supported the US Operations team and US President. The position provided an incredible learning opportunity and unforgettable experience, however in her heart; Lauren knew entrepreneurship was her true calling and she decided to pursue her venture full time.
A passion and love of innovation, fashion and sports created the perfect combination for the initial Lauren Farrell NY (LFNY) collection focused on showcasing your style and spirit. In particular, Farrell found success with stadium-friendly sized handbags that met the bag policies for most national and collegiate stadiums. Fans of the brand include Lauren Tannehill, Kacie McDonnell, Sara Blakely and more.
As the LFNY brand developed, her line has extended beyond game day and much of her own personal style and mindset has transcended into her pieces. Farrell's own style is relevant, fluid and unique as she can be seen in a flirty floral dress one day and an edgy jacket, band tee and ripped jeans the next. Farrell noticed these various style types were so different but each completely her own and wanted bags to match each style, mood or event. Ultimately, fashion is about showing who you are and should be fun.

Fashion is a game. Play it.™